Leftover Turkey? Make Turkey Tacos!

Leftover Turkey?  Make Turkey Tacos! 

As the Christmas music begins and the cool weather starts to settle in, so does the holiday season.  This is our favorite time of year here at Manuel’s Mexican Food.  Growing up all of the family would get together the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to gather around Grandma Alice’s special Thanksgiving cookbook, specially written out in her beautiful handwriting.  The grandchildren would core and peel the apples, cut the green beans, and help our  wonderful mothers of the family, all the while trying to get out of the kitchen work only to get caught, then call out “I’m helping!!”  

After all the work is done and an entire feast eaten, there always is  so much leftover food that it can be overwhelming.  I mean how many turkey sandwiches you can eat?  The Manuel’s family likes to make Turkey Tacos, and sometimes add a little stuffing in the mix. It is an easy alternative to a classic sandwich.  If you would really like to get festive come on into Manuel’s on Friday and get a quart of enchilada sauce and make some turkey enchiladas!  Then, make sure you take time during your busy day of shopping to replenish with a lunch or early dinner after making your way through the crowds.  
When all the family is “turkied” out, drop into your local Manuel’s and order our  award winning Holiday tamales made right here in our kitchens overseen by our Executive Chef Aunt Chena Vasquez (while supplies last).   At the same time, finish your Christmas shopping  by ordering $100.00 in gift cards and getting a $20 coupon FREE!  

Holidays can be busy, so remember to take time to stop and enjoy what this is really all about… Family.  

*Remember Manuel’s is closed on Thanksgiving to allow our staff to celebrate with their families. 
Dozen……. $29.95
Half Dozen……… $19.95 
Enchilada Sauce………. $5 pint