Leftover Turkey? Make Turkey Tacos!

Leftover Turkey?  Make Turkey Tacos! 

As the Christmas music begins and the cool weather starts to settle in, so does the holiday season.  This is our favorite time of year here at Manuel’s Mexican Food.  Growing up all of the family would get together the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to gather around Grandma Alice’s special Thanksgiving cookbook, specially written out in her beautiful handwriting.  The grandchildren would core and peel the apples, cut the green beans, and help our  wonderful mothers of the family, all the while trying to get out of the kitchen work only to get caught, then call out “I’m helping!!”  

After all the work is done and an entire feast eaten, there always is  so much leftover food that it can be overwhelming.  I mean how many turkey sandwiches you can eat?  The Manuel’s family likes to make Turkey Tacos, and sometimes add a little stuffing in the mix. It is an easy alternative to a classic sandwich.  If you would really like to get festive come on into Manuel’s on Friday and get a quart of enchilada sauce and make some turkey enchiladas!  Then, make sure you take time during your busy day of shopping to replenish with a lunch or early dinner after making your way through the crowds.  
When all the family is “turkied” out, drop into your local Manuel’s and order our  award winning Holiday tamales made right here in our kitchens overseen by our Executive Chef Aunt Chena Vasquez (while supplies last).   At the same time, finish your Christmas shopping  by ordering $100.00 in gift cards and getting a $20 coupon FREE!  

Holidays can be busy, so remember to take time to stop and enjoy what this is really all about… Family.  

*Remember Manuel’s is closed on Thanksgiving to allow our staff to celebrate with their families. 
Dozen……. $29.95
Half Dozen……… $19.95 
Enchilada Sauce………. $5 pint

The home cooked meal with some help from Manuel’s!!

Are you always on the go? Wake up, get the kids ready, get them to school, go to work, grab the kids, barley make it to soccer or dance and then by the time you get home the last thing you want to do is start from scratch making a homemade meal so you surrender to all of your better judgment and run thru a drive through yet again?  Sound familiar…. We understand and Manuel’s has a solution for those nights you would like to feed your family but can start anything until 7:30pm after a long day at work.  At Manuel’s we sell our sauces, hot sauces, rice, beans, chicken, shredded beef in separate pints and quart containers.  So instead of driving through the drive through, call your local Manuel’s and grab a few freshly made items so that all you have to do is throw them together when you get home and voila!!    You are no longer eating out of a bag but at your own table!

Here are two great recipes we recommend that take minimal preparation and are fun and easy to make.

Home Made Chicken Enchiladas

Enchilada Sauce (You can substitute with our Green Norteño Sauce)
Tortillas (Flour or Corn)
Ranchero Beans
*Desired amounts depend on the size of your family.  When you call in to order simply ask one of our ToGo specialists!

For this fun and easy dinner Preheat your oven to 250˚.  In an oven safe pan fill the tortilla with chicken and cheese and then roll and place in the pan creating your enchilada.  Then drizzle the sauce over your enchiladas. You can put extra cheese on top if desired.   Place in the oven to warm for 15-20 minutes or until desired temperature.

Not only does this recipe make your home smell yummy but there is minimal cleanup which makes for an easy night!

Soft Taco Tuesday: 

Shredded Beef, Chicken, and or Ground beef
Tortillas (Flour or Corn)
Shredded Lettuce
Green Onions
Rice and Beans

Again, depending upon the size of your family you can ask our ToGo specialist how much of each item you might need.

When you get home all you would need to do is take out the ingredients and (this is where the fun happens!) have you and your family create your own taco bar! It is fun and all the kiddos can choose their own type of taco….. soon you will be sitting at your own table feeding your family great food, while making great memories!

Call your local Manuel's to place your order today!

28th St & Indian School - 602-957-7540
Cave Creek & Sweetwater - 602-971-3680
Bell & 11th Ave - 602-993-8778
McDowell & Dysart - 623-435-3793
Peoria & 59th Ave - 623-979-3500
Mountain View & 90th St - 480-661-1587
Southern & Loop 101 - 480-897-0025

Nothing goes better with Mexican food than a great Margarita!

Nothing goes better with Mexican food than a great Margarita!
We’re all familiar with the classic margarita which is delicious whether frozen or on the rocks but here at Manuel’s we like to take our Margaritas to the max!  Whether you enjoy the classics or a beautiful Manuel’s Turquoise there is more to this drink than just the flavor. 

The best thing about a margarita is the tequila.  Tequila is a classic in any Mexican food restaurant but here at Manuel’s we offer anything from your every day Mixto, such as Jose Cuervo to the infamous Silvers,  Reposados, and Añejos.

Let’s focus on those “Bad Boys” of Tequila…..

El Patron”-

Our “El Patron Margarita” is made with our Patrón Silver Tequila.  The silver or blanco is 100% blue agave which gives a strong flavor of the blue agave plant. This type of Margarita pairs well with:

Manuel’s delicious Sizzling Fajitas, Manuel’s Carne Picado Dinner or our delicious Three Amigo Enchiladas... And for those looking for a smaller bite to eat, Our amazing Guacamole dip made with fresh avocados is a great start to any meal. 

The Ultimate-

Manuel’s ultimate Margarita is made with 1800 Reposado Tequila. The Reposado tequila is “rested” in oak barrels for 3-9 months and is slightly yellow in color.  This gives it a mellow oak flavor while still having the hint of the blue agave.  Manuel’s Ultimate Margarita pairs well with:

Our classic Pollo Especial, the flavorful Carne Machaca Dinner and our special slow roasted Carnitas Dinner

Looking for something more your style?  Here at Manuel’s we offer the Build your own Margarita! You choose from any of our high quality premium tequilas, add your own cordial such as the Cointreau or Gran Gala, and then enhance with one of our excellent flavors like Chambord or Marachino.  Whatever your choice, it makes for a very smooth and tasty treat that you can enjoy before, during, or after your meal!

Still need something a little on the lighter side?  Manuel’s Margatinis is a great alternative to the classic Margarita.  We have three different flavors with one being the ever popular “Flaca” margatini.  This new look on the original has Corazon Reposado Tequila, Azunia Agave Nectar and lime juice and is served in our ever popular MARTINI glass!

Whether it is after a hard day’s work or looking to enjoy a night out Manuel’s is the choice for a great MARGARITA!

Let Manuel's help you your group raise funds!

“How can we help you?” When most of our guests walk into a Manuel’s that is one of the first things that is asked of them.  Well, now we are really saying….. “How can WE help YOU?” Are you a teacher looking to raise funds for your classroom, maybe a coach that could use a little help throughout your season? One of Manuel’s Mexican Restaurant’s core values is supporting our communities and one of the best ways we can help is to host a benefit night to support local groups.

As a family our goal is to serve great food to great people, but we don’t want to stop there.  We have been a part of this great valley of the sun for over 50 years and love nothing more than to watch it flourish.

Ask yourself, what would I be able to do with benefit night money? We have surveyed teachers and secretaries from local schools and here is our list of top five ways to help your local school:

5.  Support the Drama Club- Benefit night money could help to pay for costumes, booking locations to perform, scripts and copy writes, after school snacks for the kids that are rehearsing and so much more.

4. Support the Student Council- One of student councils responsibilities is to put on School Events, such as dances and spirit assemblies. With those events come expenses that can add up throughout the year and having a benefit night would be a great way to raise those funds needed.

3. Support Students of the Month activities- What better way to celebrate those students who are succeeding, making progress, and just being great?  Many schools provide lunch, awards, or have other ways to make those students feel special.  Having a Benefit Night at a local Manuel’s is a really great way to be able to do something special for those kiddos.

2. Support for the PTSA- What would a school be without their amazing PTSA’s? Those are some wonderful and supportive parents who need the extra funds to make the teachers and staff feel special!

1.  Support the Schools sports teams- With extracurricular activities during the school day dwindling after school sports are something that students can look forward to participating in.  Benefit nights can help support those teams.

I am sure that there are countless ways that having a benefit night with our family at your local Manuel’s Mexican Restaurant could help support your school or organization.  All you would have to do is give us a call and let’s get started.

So when we ask how we can help you know that we mean it!!

Vote Manuel's The BEST!

Have you ever left a Manuel’s rubbing your belly and saying, “That was so good, they should win some kind of award!” Well, now is your chance!  From now until September 27 AZ Central’s best is hosting their Reader’s Choice: Fall Contest. Manuel’s Mexican Restaurant is in the running for Best Mexican Food Restaurant and Best Restaurant Staff. “click here to vote

Have you and your family been coming into Manuel’s for so many years that you can remember when you used to order a Bean Burro from the kids menu, or when you were old enough to fall in love with the Bean Burro Enchilada style?  Or how about the time that you went to an event and Manuel’s Mexican Restaurant was catering and your first thought was, “Yes! I can’t wait to eat!” Those are the memories we want you to have from dining here at Manuel’s Mexican Food. If you feel like this is the spot that you go when someone says, “Mexican Food?” Then vote for us! “click here to vote

 If you have never been to a Manuel’s here are some comments from some of our customers who have over the years become part of our family…..

 Elda and Brian write: “My favorite thing about Manuel’s is being able to smell the food being cooked and all the flavors that your mind dreams up.    Also, coming as a child to eat and now brining my kids to eat here because it is their favorite place to eat.”

 Eric R. writes: “One night ordering TOGO sitting at the bar, my wife and I met the owner and she shared the story of Manuel’s and how they came up with the name.” Wendy and Steve write: “We’ve been coming here for six years since we moved to Moon Valley. The food is awesome and we like the servers. Funniest story was that one night the fire alarm kept going off and we laughed all thru dinner!!”

 Lauren S. writes: “My husband, kids, and I have been coming to Manuel’s for many years.  Manuel’s was the answer to many of my cravings 7 years ago with my second child! Thanks Manuel’s!”

 If you’re looking for a new place or already call Manuel’s Mexican Restaurant your second home, come on in, enjoy and then…… Vote!

Yelp! What we love about it!

Ask most restaurant managers how they feel about Yelp and they will tell you all the bad things that are imaginable. How customers go on and rant and complain so on. Here at Manuel's we look at Yelp as one more weapon in our tool belt to help us get new customers! WHAT!? Yes, we are always looking to get new customers! Websites like Yelp and Trip Adviser are excellent tools for consumers to find great hidden gems in a local neighborhood. Manuel's has been around for over 50 years and we have A LOT of great local "regulars", but as our great city grows people move on and move out! Manuel's has so many customer that are trying us for the first time it amazes us! So, how do they find us? Other than "my neighbor told us to we had to eat here", Yelp is the number one response we get when we ask new customer how they found out about us!

Yelp allows customer to log into its website or mobile app and rate, one to five stars, and review their dining experience. Some customers use this tool to show that they are the next "big food critic" and some just complain. Although most complaints are written in the heat of the moment and "may" be over exaggerated a bit, we address every situation and review the comments with our staff to make sure we do not make any future mistakes. Now the best reviews are the 5 star reviews! Heck, even a 4 star review means you really had a good experience! We wanted to share a few reviews from around the valley with you:

Steve M from Leveen: 4 Stars: We have had Manuel's cater our office lunch twice in the last month and both times it was a hit. After years of falling back on pizzas we needed something new and Manuel's has been a great change. First time we ordered the chicken fajitas and the second we ordered tamales and both were very well received. Sides were great and the salad was fresh. Both times the food served more than stated in the menu.
To top it off from the hostess to the managers they were nothing but helpful and everything was packed well and very professional! Manny's will defiantly be a "go to" for us going forward!

Connie K from Phoenix: 4 Stars: I wasn't sure what to expect but nicely surprised!!! Awesome margaritas and the three enchilada dinner was amazing!   And so reasonably priced!  New favorite Mexican!!!

Gloria C from Tempe: 4 Stars: First time here Good was pretty good and service is friendly. It's an older restaurant and by some standards may be outdated but I personally like it. I think it gives the place charm. I ordered a tamales with rice and beans. It was plenty of food. My husband got the machaca. He said he liked it

Raven B from Mesa: 5 Star: Been here twice now and each time has been excellent and memorable. The employees are personable and really make the experience enjoyable and beyond satisfying! They're quick and on top of things. The food is super tasty and arrives fresh and hot. I've had the seafood enchilada and the spinach enchilada and I'm looking forward to trying more of their options. And if you're looking for a great Margarita, get it here! It's a nice atmosphere with comfortable dim lighting and decor. Overall, Manuel's has given me one of the best experiences I've ever had at a restaurant.

Charlene D from Fountain Hills: 5 Star: Manuel's is by far my favorite Mexican restaurant in Phoenix!  I am part Hispanic so I know good Mexican food.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hard-shell shredded beef tacos and refried beans!  YUM.  We always request Wallace to serve us because he is so nice, thorough and never messes up.  He also checks on us to see how we are doing throughout our meal.  The chips here are so thin, hit and good!  The salsa is great.  I wish they'd add tres leches cake to their dessert menu though!

Michael F from Prescott: 4 Stars: Manuel's is by far my favorite Mexican restaurant in Phoenix!  I am part Hispanic so I know good Mexican food.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hard-shell shredded beef tacos and refried beans!  YUM.  We always request Wallace to serve us because he is so nice, thorough and never messes up.  He also checks on us to see how we are doing throughout our meal.  The chips here are so thin, hit and good!  The salsa is great.  I wish they'd add tres leches cake to their dessert menu though!

John J from Phoenix: 3 Stars: Authentic Mexican food. Good prices, fast, and always consistent.  The recent remodel including a great outdoor patio space was done really nicely.  All in all a very good experience.    

We pick just a few of the great reviews for you to see. We love customer feedback good and bad, it's what helps us become stronger and a better company. Next time you are in one of our restaurants, please take a few minutes and give us a review on Yelp, Trip Adviser, Facebook or Google! 

Family Style Togo Packs

Are you trying to feed your family or office on a budget?

We have the solution for you!

Introducing our Family Style Togo Packages.

Choose from our Six Pack, Fajita Taco Pack or our Pollo Especial Pack.

Each pack includes a quart of rice, a quart of beans, a pint of salsa and 2 small bags of chips!

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