Let Manuel's help you your group raise funds!

“How can we help you?” When most of our guests walk into a Manuel’s that is one of the first things that is asked of them.  Well, now we are really saying….. “How can WE help YOU?” Are you a teacher looking to raise funds for your classroom, maybe a coach that could use a little help throughout your season? One of Manuel’s Mexican Restaurant’s core values is supporting our communities and one of the best ways we can help is to host a benefit night to support local groups.

As a family our goal is to serve great food to great people, but we don’t want to stop there.  We have been a part of this great valley of the sun for over 50 years and love nothing more than to watch it flourish.

Ask yourself, what would I be able to do with benefit night money? We have surveyed teachers and secretaries from local schools and here is our list of top five ways to help your local school:

5.  Support the Drama Club- Benefit night money could help to pay for costumes, booking locations to perform, scripts and copy writes, after school snacks for the kids that are rehearsing and so much more.

4. Support the Student Council- One of student councils responsibilities is to put on School Events, such as dances and spirit assemblies. With those events come expenses that can add up throughout the year and having a benefit night would be a great way to raise those funds needed.

3. Support Students of the Month activities- What better way to celebrate those students who are succeeding, making progress, and just being great?  Many schools provide lunch, awards, or have other ways to make those students feel special.  Having a Benefit Night at a local Manuel’s is a really great way to be able to do something special for those kiddos.

2. Support for the PTSA- What would a school be without their amazing PTSA’s? Those are some wonderful and supportive parents who need the extra funds to make the teachers and staff feel special!

1.  Support the Schools sports teams- With extracurricular activities during the school day dwindling after school sports are something that students can look forward to participating in.  Benefit nights can help support those teams.

I am sure that there are countless ways that having a benefit night with our family at your local Manuel’s Mexican Restaurant could help support your school or organization.  All you would have to do is give us a call and let’s get started.

So when we ask how we can help you know that we mean it!!